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Welcome to the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, an international alliance of cities with a shared long-term vision of promoting voluntary action to combat climate change and transition to low-emission and resilient societies. The Global Covenant now includes over 9,130 cities from 120 countries, representing over 775 million people and 10.55% of the total global population, and is the largest global network of councils leading action on climate change.

The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy was launched in January 2017 following the merger of the world’s two primary initiatives assisting cities in their transition to a low-carbon economy: the Compact of Mayors and the EU-based Covenant of Mayors.

This international coalition of cities, towns and regions aims to demonstrate and share their ambitions to become low-carbon, encouraging renewable energy and energy efficiency, while being better adapted to climate change and importantly more climate resilient.

Following commitments made by National Governments as part of the Paris Agreement many local communities wish to play their part, and some are encouraging local councils to take a stand and make renewed efforts that reflect local and global contributions.

If your city is already involved in climate and energy action, your Council may stand to benefit from signing up to the Global Covenant which supports councils reporting their local climate action. Why not get involved and join over 9,130 cities around the world?

The information on this website will assist you to participate, commit and report through the Global Covenant of Mayors compliance steps.

For information in Australia, New Zealand and Pacific send a message to oceania@iclei.org or contact ICLEI Oceania Regional Office.


What are some of the already committed councils  saying about the  GCoM ?

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Global Covenant of Mayors Common Reporting Framework

Global Covenant of Mayors participants commit to  reporting  data consistently and showcase achievements while tracking progress transparently. A common reporting language unites local voices and raise the bar for all engaged in climate programs.

The Global Covenant of Mayors now has a new Common Reporting Framework (CRF) document refined on feedback and input from stakeholders.

The new CRF will be adopted for use in 2019. For those councils already reporting in the GCoM not much change is expected. Additional assistance  will be available during 2019 to clarify  compliance  tasks.