Why get involved?


Global Impact

Demonstrate your council’s commitment to the Paris Agreement and receive guidance and support to implement strategic action plans and concrete targets for emissions reduction. Join over 7,500 cities around the world which represent over 700 million global citizens who are all taking steps to meet and exceed the goals of the Paris Agreement. By participating in the Global Covenant councils can publicly and transparently demonstrate their commitments to a sustainable future.

Benefits for councils:

  • Demonstrate your leadership in tackling climate change at the local level
  • Integrate climate action into your municipal processes, structures and policies
  • Compare your actions internationally using consistent and standardised data collection and reporting tools
  • Measure and report your climate action monitoring achievement against your local targets
  • Work in partnership with community, other councils and other levels of government to achieve meaningful reductions in corporate and community emissions and achieve relevant adaptation solutions and global action

Together, cities could cumulatively reduce more than 46 Gt CO2e by 2050, reaching a global average of 2.19 tonnes per capita

The Global Covenant of Mayors has tracked the collective impact of over 9,000 cities, read more by clicking below.