Phase 3

To meet the requirements a community target  for greenhouse emissions is required.

GHG emissions reduction target

All cities must register a city-wide target to reduce local GHG reductions within 2 years from commitment. Targets may be in any of the following formats (as defined in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Mitigation Goal Standard): Choose between

 Base Year Reduction Targets

 Fixed-level Reduction Targets

 Baseline Scenario Reduction Targets

 Intensity Reduction Targets


All targets must identify:

 Baseline year (year from which progress will be measured) and emissions (or emissions intensity in the baseline year)

 Target year (when the target will be achieved) and reduction to be achieved

Greenhouse gases and emission sources to which the target applies (using GHGs and subsectors defined in the GPC)

For information on targets and goals follow this link for the Goal Mitigation Standard.